Stony Path, Magnetic Earth


Take the stony path – take it  – the roll-rock high road. You’ll know the route.
Each fibre’s flow chart flowing the way – this way – Homeward Bound.

Geology is a signpost to ‘Deep Time’ – an acknowledgement of the durability of stone and our limited human perception of geological time. From my studio on the northeast coast of Scotland I look out to a river valley that 10,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age was created by a huge glacier slowly making its way to the sea. These signs of deep time connect a landscape of the distant past to the present. Finding these connections and affinity with the natural world is what helps me imagine other very different timelines.

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In some far distant future what ghosts shall we leave buried in deep time?

Stone fossils and deep time show that change is a forever feature of Earth. The present is a transitory place forever changing. The film ‘Ghosts’ looks at fossils, the ancient remains of plants and animals turned to stone, in relation to present day climate change and the damage being done to the planet by our human impact on the physical environment. Can we use our understanding of deep time to transform the narrative?

Exhibitons: 13 edition Rencontres Internationales Sciences & Cinemas – France : REELpoetry International Film Festival – Houston, TX, USA  : Ecoartspace ‘The New Geologic Epoch – online exhibition +printed book – Santa Fe New Mexico