to be human is to be ‘in place’ : Tim Creswell

When I was at Art college my main focus was the human figure. I spent three years drawing and sculpting in the life room and working imaginatively with the figure. But there was always a feeling that there was something else I needed to find.

I have always loved walking in nature, that feeling of becoming immersed in a landscape. When I was given the opportunity to spend time researching and walking in a very special but also man-made landscape – an old industrial claypit which had become filled with water, surrounded by plants and much visited by local wildlife – I realised that my love for landscape could open up new perspectives, looking at the human in relationship to nature and the environment. That was when my practice began to focus on ideas which offer a means of interconnection with the multiplicity of life in the world around us.

Using video and mixed media installations I follow ‘a path of observation’ looking for interactions and relationships that connect with our placement but also our dis-placement in the world around us. I enjoy the process of fragmentation in the assemblage and collage of materials often reconstructing natural materials found on landscape walks which add a back story to any project and also introduce a sense of dialogue with the work in progress.

The journey continues …..

About Kyra Clegg

we perceive the world along a path of observation – proceeding on our way things fall into and out of sight as new vistas open up and others are closed : James Gibson

About Kyra Clegg