Opposing Eden, The Afterlife of Gardens

Participating artists: Kyra Clegg: Su Grierson : Laura Kusk : Liina Siib

The Opposing Eden Project took place in Scotland and Estonia and featured four artists from these countries who shared an interest in working with moving image to portray ideas reflecting landscape narrative within the context of Eden – an unobtainable idyll –

‘a place in which nothing is supposed to change, a steady-state ecosystem without history’

Rebecca Solnit.

The outcome is a series of short moving image films in which each artist had editing access to all the combined footage in order to compile their own take on the project’s theme with any public showing referencing all the artists involved.


Eden is represented as an ancient idyll – an imaginary utopia – a place forever out of reach. The Expedition references this ever onward search for an elusive paradise that must surely lie just beyond the next horizon.