Still Water

Still Water – Deep Time was an installation and video commissioned by Bonhoga Gallery for their 20th Anniversary. Twenty artists, one from each year, were selected to create a new work, using as a starting point an object relating to the gallery’s history, location or physicality. The item I was sent was a flask of water from the burn which runs past the gallery. My interpretation of this offering reflects the temporal and structural qualities of water.

Observing water we discover its myriad forms. Evaporated it becomes clouds – frozen it is ice. It can fall as rain or snow – fill burns and rivers, lochans and oceans. However from the very beginning of time this seeming shape-shifter has remained a constant. The world is 75% water – our bodies 60% and every drop of it that today surrounds us, and is part of us, is still the same unchanged water that was here billions of years ago.

Exhibition: Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland

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